Prayer, Praise and Worship Session

On the 13th February, 2015, the 16th CVED episode started in the Dominion Faith church auditorium. Opening prayer was led by Mrs. Alice Sibigam. Praise and worship was led by Sis. Funke Oyekanmi. Pastor Jide Esan then gave a brief history of CVED.

Some of the instructors

Some of the instructors

Mr. Solomon Gbadamosi (CVED Registrar) then came on to introduce the courses and the instructors to the students. He explained that the Chemical, Decoration, Catering and Adult Literacy classes will hold from 12-2 pm on the Fridays, while the Hairdressing, Computer, Printing, Make-up and Bead-making/Wire works classes will hold from 3-5 pm.

Registrar of CVED, Solomon Gbadamosi, addressing the students

Registrar of CVED, Solomon Gbadamosi, addressing the students

He went on to talk about the students’ requirement for certificates at the end of the training, some of which includes obtaining the form, properly filling it and submitting it; active participation in practicals conducted during class; punctuality; and so on.

Pastor Jide Esan addressed the students once again; he said the graduation of this session will take place on a Saturday because the Chairman of CVED and Senior Pastor of the Dominion Faith church – Rev. David Olatona – will like to be around, as well as other important dignitaries. The graduation date, therefore, will be Saturday May 16th, 2015. Graduation gowns will cost N1,000 per student.

He listed the “10 commandments of CVED” –

  • Punctuality is of essence
  • Decent dressing is required
  • No business transaction will be permitted
  • No loitering around the premises
  • Do not destroy the church properties
  • Keep your personal belongings safe
  • Children must be guarded carefully
  • Unruly behaviour will attract dismissal
  • Change of course/class is only permitted on the orientation day
  • Students must wear their tags every time they come to class
Pastor Jide Esan addressing the students

Pastor Jide Esan addressing the students

Other announcements included:

  • Students must write their names in the attendance list during every class
  • Purchasing of the handouts is not compulsory, only necessary
  • Students who wish to learn things relating to their course, but outside the curriculum, can negotiate with their instructors; but this will be outside CVED
  • Business classes will be taken during the session
  • The P.U.S.H. programme is an initiative of the CEO and it takes place monthly, the last Thursday of every month from 7-8 am. This is for everyone interested in participating in breakthrough prayers for their businesses and careers.
  • Respect for each other and the instructors is required by the students.

Pastor Jide Esan then took the closing prayer and rounded up the programme, which ended at 1:30 pm.

Cross-section of students

Cross-section of students

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