“Poverty in Nigeria is more than a phenomenon; it is an endemic cataclysm and a myth that has presented itself to be indecipherable, even to the governments at all tiers. Statistics, recently have shown that, poverty rate remains significant at about 33% in Africa’s biggest economy (Nigeria); out of which, Lagos State habours a larger share; 7 out of every 10 smiling Lagosian is poor.

Philosophers have argued it that, the major reason, aside corruption, why it has never been; and may never be possible (if care is not taken) for the governments of the nation to successfully tackle poverty in the nation, despite the massive deposit of natural resources cum enduring manpower, is income inequality and ethnic conflict.

CVED is an initiative that began with the ideology of bridging the gap of income inequality and ethnic conflict through FREE economic empowerment and on a non-denominational platform to all and sundry.

The Centre for Vocational Empowerment and Development started off, at first, as a community feeding project in February 2007, with a Free lunch Project, that concomitantly fed about 300 less privileged masses, every Friday for about 10 months.

In November 2009, under the platform of FEEDS (Free Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy), free training was provided to the first set of people within the community, enabling them acquire skills in the areas such as Events Decoration, Catering, production of home-use chemical products, making of beaded jewelries and wire works, screen printing, Computer appreciation and Desktop publishing, adult literacy and Hairdressing. This marked the beginning of certification of beneficiaries.

Promulgated by law on the 6th of May, 2013, the initiative became a body corporate, that has made the certificate recognizable and a relevant evidence of training to all its careers.

In pursuance of his vision – to impart lives positively, and in fulfillment of his divine mandate as a selfless leader, Rev. David ‘Kayode Olatona, has succeeded in taking this initiative to about 12 West African Countries, where thousands of souls have been richly blessed and living made interesting.

On this note, I welcome you to the 16th Graduation ceremony since the inception of this program as FEEDS. It is unarguable that this is indeed a special graduating session. The graduation is held in the month of grace, in the year of grace and on the date of grace (16 + 16 = 3 + 2 = 5). This is an evidence that all the graduands of this session have been divinely marked out for God’s unmerited favour. Can you please celebrate yourselves please!

Today I want to say a big congratulation to the 291 who finally made it. At Registration point, the total number of 503 people showed interest by obtaining the Forms, out of which, only 415 attended the orientation Course. Although, a total of 375 are Eligible for Graduating; many are called but thank God for the few that are chosen.

So far, about three thousand six hundred and sixty-one (3,661) people have been empowered and issued certificates both locally and internationally. Many of them are financially independent today, and they are building prosperous ventures, and business empires that will, someday, transform the economic state of Africa for good.

Through CVED, we aim at helping participants to attain personal, professional and spiritual growth (through the PUSH program); and we are confident that lives have been and are still being enriched, poverty becoming eradicated, and future oriented entrepreneurs emerging.

Finally I wish to appreciate every one of you for your presence at this auspicious occasion.

Be richly blessed in Jesus name. Amen”

This was the Registrar’s opening speech at the 16th edition of the CVED graduation ceremony held at the Dominion Faith International Church premises.

On the 16th day of May, 2015; the 16th edition of the Center for Vocational Empowerment and Development (C.V.E.D.) graduation took place as scheduled within the main auditorium of Dominion Faith International Church (DFIC). By 12 noon, the graduands were already either seated or outside dressing up or taking pictures as they all proudly donned their colourful graduation gowns.

The opening prayer was taken for five (5) minutes by Sis. Funke Oyekanmi while Sis. Favour Sunday came up after to lead everyone in praise to God for making such a day possible. The Anchor for the day was Kayode Aishida who set to the task of welcoming everyone and brought on Bro. Solomon Gbadamosi (Registrar of C.V.E.D.) to come lead the national anthem and then to give a speech on what C.V.E.D. is all about; a foremost institution that was graduating two hundred and ninety-one (291) students on this glorious day.

When he was done with the speech, the registrar then proceeded to award certificates to graduands of the Decoration and Hair Dressing classes.

Up next was one of the Special Guests of the event, Mrs. Aramide Gansallo, who expressed her delight at such a privilege to attend the event, stating further that her attendance was possible because it was the first on a Saturday as previous editions has been held on weekdays. She also affirmed her happiness for all those that started the programme and saw it off to conclusion, declaring it a thing of joy.

After her short address, she joined the Registrar to award certificates to graduands of the Adult Literacy, Printing, Computer and Beaded Jewelry & Wire work classes.

Afterwards, the M.C. brought up another member of the Special Guest in the person of Deacon Bamidele Adewumi who charged the graduands to always look for ways to help others just like they have been helped. He then presented certificates to graduands of the Chemical and Make-Up classes.

The next speaker was Comrade (Prince) Saviour Iche who to his credit always makes himself available for every C.V.E.D. graduation he’s invited for. He admonished the graduands not to wait to have millions before they start their business but that they could start now at their level. He told them from personal testimony that as long as they held on to God, then prosperity in their business is assured. He also encourages them to be consistent and to add excellence to whatever it is that they do. He rounded off his speech by reminding them that Time waits for no man so they should start their business now and do things well. He helped award certificates to graduands of Catering class.

After all the certificates were awarded, the Coordinator of CVED in the person of Pastor Jide Esan came on board to read out the announcements, where he confirmed that the forms for the next session of C.V.E.D. will be out by 2nd of June, 2015 and classes would be resuming by 12th of June, 2015.

After the announcement session, various classes came forward to show their appreciation to the Visioneer for such a laudable project and also to celebrate him as it was the week of his birthday. They also appreciated their instructors as they presented gifts to the Visioneer, the Coordinator and their various instructors.

After all the presentation, the MC brought on the Visioneer, the CEO of C.V.E.D. and the Senior Pastor of DFIC, Rev. David Olatona, to address the graduands and to bless them. He blessed them and also presented a cash prize to the best graduand in each class. There was even time given to one of the Board of Trustees, Dominion Faith International Church, in the person of Dr. Gabriel Oyediji, who arrived just about then, to chip in a few golden words of advice to the graduands and also presented as is customary his own personal cash prize to the best student of the Chemical Class.

Reverend David Olatona thereafter came to give the closing remarks; blessing everyone with the assurance that the seed of greatness that will blossom into a transformed lives have been deeply sown in the lives of every graduand.

To the glory of God, the event ended at about 3.10pm successfully as we all gracefully anticipate more exploits in the 17th session.


Pictures from the event:

1collage2collage 3collage4collage 5collage6collage7collage8collage9collage papa collage


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