The 18th session CVED orientation started 12 noon with an opening prayer led by Mrs. Alice Sibigam, followed by Praise/worship by Mrs. Funke Oyekanmi.

The ceremony was anchored by Mrs. Sibigam. She introduced Pastor Nicholas Uanikhoba – the Registrar, CVED –  who mounted the podium to give the welcome address & a brief history on CVED. In his speech, he thanked the students for choosing the path to help themselves by learning a skill to improve their financial status. He prayed that God will cause them to succeed considering the fact that they are learning under an anointed atmosphere.

Mrs. Sibigam introduced the courses available this 18th session, and their instructors respectively:

  1. Beaded Jewelry and Wire Works
  2. Screen Printing and batik
  3. Catering
  4. Makeover/Head gear
  5. Chemical Production
  6. Adult Literacy (Basic and Advanced)
  7. Events Decoration
  8. Computer Appreciation
  9. Video editing/photography
  10. Hairdressing

The instructors are:

  1. BEAD MAKING/WIRE WORKS: Mrs. Josephine Chukwuma
  2. CATERING: Mrs. Funmilayo Alonge
  3. HAIRDRESSING: Mrs. Blessing Agboola
  4. MAKE UP/HEAD GEAR: Mrs. Hadiza Omotayo
  5. EVENTS DECORATION: Mrs. Adedina
  6. CHEMICAL PRODUCTION: Mrs. Funke Oyekanmi
  7. COMPUTER APPRECIATION: Mr. Solomon Gbadamosi
  8. PRINTING AND BATIK: Mr. Ayo Oyekanmi
  9. ADULT LITERACY BASIC: Mrs. Cecelia Omoagbor

The CVED coordinator, Pastor Jide Esan took over afterwards to give out some vital information and guidelines that every students had to strictly adhere to. The duration of study would be twelve (12) weeks as usual, between 12 noon – 2 pm (for Catering, Adult Literacy, Decoration, Videography and Chemical production classes) and between 3 pm to 5 pm (for Printing and Batik, Hairdressing, Bead making and wire works, Make up and head gear and Computer classes).

Other instructions included the issue of ID cards that will be given to all students without which they will not be permitted into the premises; every student must participate in the weekly roll call for each department to determine which students are present or absent; submission of completed forms; old students will not be taken back to repeat or take other classes; full participation in classes, respect for instructors and total obedience to instructions; 80% attendance is required before a student can graduate from the school; payment of the token required to make their practical so as to ascertain their knowledge of what is being taught; appraisal & tests will be conducted from time to time; certificates will be issued at the end of the session with a graduation fee of #1000 for hiring of graduation gowns.

The Coordinator also laid down rules on punctuality, decent dressing, safe keeping of personal properties, interaction with one another, mutual respect for each other, prohibition of marketing their wares, cleaning up of the environment after each class; lastly he advised them to value the program – though it is free, someone is paying for it.

So far, one hundred and ninety-six (196) students registered for classes this 18th session! We look forward to an exciting twelve weeks ahead!

The orientation lasted for one hour five minutes, after which they were asked to split into their different classes for commencement of classes. The closing prayer was said by Pastor Jide Esan.

Cross-section of new students!

Cross-section of new students!

Some of the instructors

Some of the instructors

CVED Coordinator, Pastor Jide Esan, addressing students

CVED Coordinator, Pastor Jide Esan, addressing students

Pastor Nicholas Uanikhoba, CVED Registrar, addressing the students

Pastor Nicholas Uanikhoba, CVED Registrar, addressing the students

Some praise to open the new session!

Some praise to open the new session!


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