On 14TH MAY 2016, ninety-four (94) students graduated at the 19th graduation ceremony with certificates awarded in ten (10) different skill acquisition courses.

The CVED coordinator, Pastor Olajide Esan in his welcome address praised the CEO of CVED, Rev. David Olatona, for the vision of CVED. He gave a brief history of the school; announcing that about four thousand three hundred and sixty-one (4, 361) people have so far benefited from the CVED programme both nationally and internationally. Noting that the program has been taken to about twelve (12) African nations; including Ghana, Cameroun, Kenya, Togo, Ivory Coast, Guinea Conakry, Burkina Faso, Sierra-Leone, Niger, Benin Republic and Liberia.


The CEO of CVED, Rev. David Olatona, in his address informed the graduating students that we live in a world of high competition. So they must introduce excellence into everything they do as they put to work what they have learnt; everything they do must be striking. Take it to the next level. Value the knowledge you have received. If you despise what you have, even God cannot help you. Everyone else will also look down on what you are doing. Put your best into all that you do. Manage your time. Time is the equal capital God gave to every man. You cannot save it. You either invest it or you waste it. Time waits for no man. Use your time wisely. Do whatever you want to do now. You can think big, start small and start now.

After the CEO’s address, certificates were presented to the graduating students of the Makeover/Head Gear and Decoration Class by the Coordinator, Pastor Jide Esan.

Ms. Dayo Esan in her brief charge to the graduating students told them to keep the following rules. Put God first in all that you do as He only is the true source of success in any venture. You should learn to speak positively over your life and business. You should set target for yourself—have goals that you are pursuing. You should constantly update yourself by keeping abreast of changes in your line of business. And finally, you should learn to save and not eat up your capital. If you can do all of these you will surely excel in your business. Then she proceeded to present the certificates to the graduating students of the Catering and Photography classes.

Next to give a brief address was Comrade Savior Ichie, President of AMEN. He used the occasion to praise the CEO of CVED for his vision and the success he has recorded so far. He told the graduants that he was privileged to be a role model unto them as somebody who has gone ahead of them. Together we shall chase poverty and unemployment out of Nigeria. He informed them that he started his business from his kitchen and today he has customers even from Europe. He advised the students to put to use immediately the knowledge they have received. They should do it with passion, make God a partner in their business and learn to dream. “You can become what you want to, if you work for it,” he said. After his speech, he awarded the next batch of certificates to the students of the Home-Use Chemical Production and the Hairdressing classes.

The Registrar, Pastor Nicholas Uanikhoba did the next batch of certificate presentation to the graduating students of the Printing and Batik, Computer Appreciation, Beaded Jewelry & Wire Works and Adult Literacy classes. Before then he advised the students simply to heed every word of wisdom they have been hearing on this day of their graduation, as the day was more than just a ceremony, but a day they were putting a cap on their training.

The CEO came up again to introduce the instructors and other officials of the school. He also praised them for their continuous dedication and sacrifice. He then proceeded to give the usual cash award to the best graduating students of each class . He then invited Dr. Gabriel Oyediji to give the last address and presentation of the day.

Dr. Oyediji praised the CEO of CVED for his vision and tirelessness. He then congratulated all the graduating students; noting that not all beginners are finishers. He stated that we now live in the dispensation of cottage industries. They will begin to rule the economy. Even if you have a University degree you must be quick to add a vocation to your knowledge. He told the students not to wait for white collar jobs. They must begin to practice at once what they have been taught. Your real certificate is constant practice. That is the only way you can become perfect. He also told them to stay in touch with their instructors.

The CEO, Rev. David Olatona, and Dr. Oyediji took turn to pray special prayers for the graduating students. Mrs. Oyediji said the closing prayer before the national anthem was taken.

One of the high moments of this graduation was the cutting of a birthday cake by the CEO of CVED Rev David Olatona, who clocked 50 barely three days earlier. The various classes also took turn to present gifts to their instructors, the church and the CEO.


More pictures of the ceremony below:



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