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The 24th Graduation Ceremony of the Centre for Vocational Empowerment & Development [CVED] held on Saturday 27th January 2018 at Dominion Faith Auditoriium. Forty-four (44) students were awarded Certificate in Seven (7) Vocational skill Acquisition Courses.


1 Catering 7
2 Makeover & Head Gear Tying 6
3 Home-use chemical production 7
4 Beaded Jewelry Wire Works 6
5 Hairdressing 9
6 Screen Printing & Batik 4
7 Decoration & Event Planning 5

The program started with opening prayer at exactly 12:00 noon; Praise worship followed. The rest of the program was as follows:

  • National Anthem
  • Recognition of Guests
  • Recognition/Intro of Instructors
  • Welcome Speech/About CVED
  • Charge By CEO
  • Address By Prince Niyi Adeyanju
  • Presentation of Certificates
  • Announcement by CVED Coordinator
  • Students Remarks/Presentation of Gifts
  • Vote of Thanks
  • Blessing By CEO
  • National Anthem


  1. Prince Niyi Adeyanju—C.O.O EASYACCESS Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited and four team members.


He welcomed the dignitaries, graduands and guests to the graduation ceremony. After recognizing and introducing the instructors he thanked God as the source of the vision of CVED. He also thanked the CEO, Rev. David Olatona who cannot stand to see others suffering, for his large and compassionate heart. He also noted in his address that CVED has trained over 5,000 graduands nationally and internationally.


He began his address by thanking the instructors for rendering free service and prayed that they will never lack help all the days of their lives. He also acknowledged that the presence of the C.O.O of EASYACCESS Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited and his team was a fulfillment of the dream he has had since the inception of CVED. Graduating students always have the challenge of how to get funds to start up in business. God has now provided a way out through patnership with EASYACCESS Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited. He announced that there should be a first alumni meeting of all CVED graduands since inception in February. The date will be communicated later.

His Charge to the Graduands

  1. Start Small. Nothing starts big. Everything starts small. If you want to start big you will never start. Everything that grows starts from the bottom. Only the digging of a grave starts from the top. You must be willing to start small and work hard. Your latter end shall greatly increase.
  2. Despise not the days of your small beginning. Package yourself well and respect what you are doing even though you are starting small. If you don’t believe in yourself nobody else will and nobody else will join you. He used the example of how he started Dominion Faith. He used to wear his tie and sit on a bench under a palm tree tent as an office.
  • Don’t keep any relationship that will mock or discourage what you do. Somebody who does not respect you for what you do cannot respect your wisdom or value your time.
  1. Speak positively about yourself and what you do. Wake up everyday and tell yourself I will prosper today. I will do well.
  2. Don’t run down yourself by the words of your mouth. Learn to be positive.
  3. Be a person who is on time. Time is life. Time is money. There is a time alocated by God to every assignment of your life. You lose value if you don’t keep to time. If you can’t meet a deadline be honest about it and ask for more time.
  • Be a man or woman of integrity. Don’t cut corners. Don’t lower the standard because you want to make profit. Mouth to mouth advert is the best form of advert. If you hold on to your integrity and give quality service people will spread the news and your business will grow. But the reverse is also true. So determine to be a person of integrity.

ADDRESS BY THE C.O.O OF EASYACCESS Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited—Prince Niyi Adeyanju

 The vision for the organization was given to him by God just over a year ago after he lost his first job as a Banker. In his frantic search for a job God told him; “Hide your CV. You will get a job you didn’t apply for.” Even though the word didn’t come to pass immidiately God eventually moved through a friend by instructing him to give him two million naira (N2, 000, 000). And that is how EASYACCESS Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited started. Today we have seven offices around Lagos and our membership is growing fast after just a year compared with others who have started many years before us. “When God says it is your time there is nothing the devil can do about it.” Presently we offer two services: Cooperative and Qiuck Loan. For the cooperative service you must be a registered card carrying member who attends weekly meetings and make weekly savings of at least N2, 000. And after six months you are entitled to a loan of twice the amount you have saved. For the quick loan you don’t need to be a member. During his address flyers carring details about the company’s services were handed out to graduands and guests.


Certificate presentation was done in three batches. After the address by Prince Niyi Adeyanju he did the presentation of the first batch of certificates to the graduating students. The remaining two batches were presented by Alhaja Akanwo and Mrs. Ruth Adeyanju, team members of EASYACCESS Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited.


  • The 25th Session of CVED resumes on Friday 9th February 2018, by 12:00 noon. Registration form is N2, 000 only.


The Captains of each class took their turn to thank the authority of CVED and their instructors. Some presented token gifts of appreciation to the church and their instructors.


The C.E.O Rev. David Olatona asked the graduating students to wait and interact with the five team members of EASYACCESS Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited after the graduation ceremony. He then prayed for and blessed the graduands, guests and dignitaries. The program ended with the National Anthem after


The unique thing about this 24th graduation is the fulfilment of a dream in the heart of the C.E.O to partner with a body that will make soft loans available for graduating students. The involvement of EASYACCESS Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited has brought that dream to pass. The graduands can now easily transit from training to business with proper guidance which is also available with EASYACCESS Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited. The hand of the Lord is obvoiusly on the CVED vision.