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To the glory of God the CENTRE FOR VOCATIONAL EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT [CVED] held her 21st graduation ceremony on Saturday 10th December 2016 and awarded certificates to one hundred and twenty-nine [129] students in nine [9] vocational skill empowerment courses.

1 Catering 48
2 Hairdressing 10
3 Adult Literacy
4 Screen Printing & Batik 6
5 Make-over & Head Gear 11
6 Photography & Videography 2
7 Beaded Jewellery wire works 6
8 Home-use chemical production 16
9 Decoration & Event management 17
10 Computer Appreciation and Desktop Publishing 13

The program which was anchored by Pastor Muyiwa Adedina started promptly as scheduled by 12:00 noon with Opening Prayer led by Mrs. Hannah Adedina; followed immediately by Praise Worship led by Sis. Favour Sunday who was also graduating from the Computer Class. Thereafter, the National Anthem was taken.

Recognition of Dignitaries and Instructors

Pastor Muyiwa Adedina then took time to introduce all the instructors one by one; and welcomed the dignitaries to the High Table as he introduced them. The dignitaries this year were:

  1. Comrade Prince Savior Ichie (AMEN President).
  2. Rotimi Gansallo (Chartered Accountant & Farmer)
  3. Yomi Balogun (Property Developer/Builder).
  4. Deacon Uwagboe (Representing Doctor Gabriel Oyediji)
  5. Pastor Olajide Esan (CVED Coordinator & Resident Pastor of Dominion Faith).
  6. Pastor Nicholas Uanikhoba (CVED Registrar)


 Welcome Speech by CVED Coordinator

Pastor Olajide Esan took time to welcome the dignitaries and graduands. He praised the faith and courage of the CEO of CVED Rev. David Olatona for the sustenance of the vision that started since 2007. He also gave a brief history of CVED and its impact so far; emphasizing that CVED is fully registered with the CAC of Nigeria as a certificate issuing institution.

CEO’s Address

The address of the CEO Rev. David Olatona was read by the Registrar. There is no doubt that vocational skill empowerment is one of the solutions to the serious unemployment and poverty we have in our nation and continent today. Our dream at CVED is to eradicate poverty, raise ethical leaders in the 21st century and make potential entrepreneurs of outstanding qualities for Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. That dream is gradually being realized; as so far, about four thousand six hundred and seventy-seven (4,677) people have been empowered in Nigeria and internationally. Other Countries that have benefited so far include Liberia, Chad, Benin Republic, Niger, Togo, Sierra-Leone, Gambia, Guinea Conakry, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Ghana.

Giving all glory to God, he thanked the instructors and dignitaries for their continuous support and encouragement.  

Address by Elder Rotimi Gansallo

He charged the graduands to believe that they can make it. Don’t despise the skill you have just acquired. You can become big if you start doing something with it now and do it faithfully. Begin to develop and use what you have learnt. Print business cards, let people know what you can do. We live in the days when entrepreneurs are ruling. Stay close to your colleagues and instructors. Don’t work alone.

Elder Gansallo proceeded to present the first batch of certificate to the Decoration and Chemical classes.

Address by Prince Ichie

He first prayed that God would bountifully reward Rev. David Olatona and Dominion Faith for the great service they are rendering to the community and nation. He added that if a man is only rich towards himself he is still a poor man. He then told the graduating students that the best time to start using what they have learnt is now. He said he started his own business with N14, 000 and inside a kitchen; today it is a multi-million naira company, paying over thirty workers. Don’t look at circumstances. Always ask questions. Don’t separate from your instructors. Try to innovate and do what others are not doing; you will stand out. Above all seek the face of God for guidance and direction. Make God a partner in your business and the sky will be your limit. He will bring the customers and the profit because He knows that you will bring the tithe to His house. He will ensure that you do not run at a loss.

Comrade Ichie gave the next batch of certificates to the Hairdressing and Makeup class.

Address by Mr. Yomi Balogun

He charged the graduating students to believe in themselves. Mr. Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa today, has just one head like you. He started small. You too can make it big if you start now and believe in yourself. Your certificate will remain an ordinary paper unless you do something with it. If necessary get a mirror and talk to yourself every day that you will make it. I do it and I am seeing results and making progress. If you own your own business it becomes your well of wealth. Think about your future and see an elevated position.

Mr. Balogun presented the third batch of certificates to the Computer and Printing Classes.

Address by Deacon Uwagboe

He explained that he was representing Dr. Oyediji, who is also his father in the Lord, because he was unavoidably absent. He appreciated and congratulated Rev. David Olatona and Dominion Faith for the great work and impact of CVED. He then praised the students for the courage to decide to be part of the program which is paying off as they are graduating today. He encouraged them to start something immediately. When you are self employed you do not wait for anybody to survive. Your life and future is in your hand.

Deacon Uwagboe presented the fourth batch of certificates to the Beaded Jewelry and Photography classes.


The Coordinator announced that the next session of CVED will resume on Friday 3rd of February 2017. Registration form will be out on Friday 20th January 2017.

He presented the last batch of certificates to the Catering class.

Dr. Gabriel Oyediji’s Gift Award for best student in insecticide production

This is a cash award presented every session to a student from the Home-use Chemical Production Class. This year the award went to Mrs. ODELEYE Beatrice Bosede. The award was presented by the representative of Dr. Oyediji, Deacon Uwagboe.

Closing stages

After the dignitaries cut the graduation cake presented by the catering class, the CVED Coordinator gave the Vote of Thanks and prayed for the graduating students and everyone in attendance. The event closed with the singing of the National Anthem.




On 14TH MAY 2016, ninety-four (94) students graduated at the 19th graduation ceremony with certificates awarded in ten (10) different skill acquisition courses.

The CVED coordinator, Pastor Olajide Esan in his welcome address praised the CEO of CVED, Rev. David Olatona, for the vision of CVED. He gave a brief history of the school; announcing that about four thousand three hundred and sixty-one (4, 361) people have so far benefited from the CVED programme both nationally and internationally. Noting that the program has been taken to about twelve (12) African nations; including Ghana, Cameroun, Kenya, Togo, Ivory Coast, Guinea Conakry, Burkina Faso, Sierra-Leone, Niger, Benin Republic and Liberia.


The CEO of CVED, Rev. David Olatona, in his address informed the graduating students that we live in a world of high competition. So they must introduce excellence into everything they do as they put to work what they have learnt; everything they do must be striking. Take it to the next level. Value the knowledge you have received. If you despise what you have, even God cannot help you. Everyone else will also look down on what you are doing. Put your best into all that you do. Manage your time. Time is the equal capital God gave to every man. You cannot save it. You either invest it or you waste it. Time waits for no man. Use your time wisely. Do whatever you want to do now. You can think big, start small and start now.

After the CEO’s address, certificates were presented to the graduating students of the Makeover/Head Gear and Decoration Class by the Coordinator, Pastor Jide Esan.

Ms. Dayo Esan in her brief charge to the graduating students told them to keep the following rules. Put God first in all that you do as He only is the true source of success in any venture. You should learn to speak positively over your life and business. You should set target for yourself—have goals that you are pursuing. You should constantly update yourself by keeping abreast of changes in your line of business. And finally, you should learn to save and not eat up your capital. If you can do all of these you will surely excel in your business. Then she proceeded to present the certificates to the graduating students of the Catering and Photography classes.

Next to give a brief address was Comrade Savior Ichie, President of AMEN. He used the occasion to praise the CEO of CVED for his vision and the success he has recorded so far. He told the graduants that he was privileged to be a role model unto them as somebody who has gone ahead of them. Together we shall chase poverty and unemployment out of Nigeria. He informed them that he started his business from his kitchen and today he has customers even from Europe. He advised the students to put to use immediately the knowledge they have received. They should do it with passion, make God a partner in their business and learn to dream. “You can become what you want to, if you work for it,” he said. After his speech, he awarded the next batch of certificates to the students of the Home-Use Chemical Production and the Hairdressing classes.

The Registrar, Pastor Nicholas Uanikhoba did the next batch of certificate presentation to the graduating students of the Printing and Batik, Computer Appreciation, Beaded Jewelry & Wire Works and Adult Literacy classes. Before then he advised the students simply to heed every word of wisdom they have been hearing on this day of their graduation, as the day was more than just a ceremony, but a day they were putting a cap on their training.

The CEO came up again to introduce the instructors and other officials of the school. He also praised them for their continuous dedication and sacrifice. He then proceeded to give the usual cash award to the best graduating students of each class . He then invited Dr. Gabriel Oyediji to give the last address and presentation of the day.

Dr. Oyediji praised the CEO of CVED for his vision and tirelessness. He then congratulated all the graduating students; noting that not all beginners are finishers. He stated that we now live in the dispensation of cottage industries. They will begin to rule the economy. Even if you have a University degree you must be quick to add a vocation to your knowledge. He told the students not to wait for white collar jobs. They must begin to practice at once what they have been taught. Your real certificate is constant practice. That is the only way you can become perfect. He also told them to stay in touch with their instructors.

The CEO, Rev. David Olatona, and Dr. Oyediji took turn to pray special prayers for the graduating students. Mrs. Oyediji said the closing prayer before the national anthem was taken.

One of the high moments of this graduation was the cutting of a birthday cake by the CEO of CVED Rev David Olatona, who clocked 50 barely three days earlier. The various classes also took turn to present gifts to their instructors, the church and the CEO.


More pictures of the ceremony below:





  • Adeniyi Akomolede
  • Adeola Akomolede
  • Damilola Adeoti
  • Funmi Nworie
  • Yinka Fisher (Coordinator, SMEDAN Lagos Buiness Office)
  • Comrade Prince Saviour Iche (AMEN, National President)
  • Pastor Olajide Esan (Coordinator, CVED)
  • Pastor Nicholas Uanikhoba (Registrar, CVED)
dignitaries2 collage

Dignitaries and Speakers of the event

dignitaries1 collage

Dignitaries and Speakers of the event


  • Pastor Mercy Esan
  • Funmi Alonge
  • Hannah Adedina
  • Cecilia Omoagbor
  • Taiwo Ayotunde
  • Blessing Agboola
  • Hadeza Omotayo
  • Josephine Chukwuma
  • Solomon Gbadamosi
  • Ayomide Oyekanmi
  • Michael Ilesanmi

instructors collage

On the 2nd of October 2015, this session’s orientation and induction ceremony was held, and after weeks of skill training, 185 students made it to the final day! On the 18th of December, in the Dominion Faith International Church auditorium, the 18th CVED graduation ceremony was held! It was indeed another colourful ceremony as Pastor Jide Esan (the CVED Coordinator) welcomed all graduants and guests to the event. In his opening speech, he said he knows that many would have been asking how we have done this for years free of charge! He stated that our driving force is the vision of the church and also of the organisation (CVED) – to raise economically self-reliant individuals and leaders. He congratulated the graduants for the successful completion of their respective vocational training.

pj openin collage

Pastor Nicholas Uanikhoba read the CEO’s speech, and on behalf of Rev. David Olatona who was unavoidably absent enjoined the new graduants to start up something with their newly acquired skills and encouraged them to be masters of their trade.

pasotr nick collage

Mr. Adeniyi Akomolede delivered the first speech; encouraging the graduants the ideas rule the world. The skills they have just acquired are not new, but if they must go into business with the skills, they must stay true to their trades be innovative with their products. He told them that the training is like a seed in their hands that they must grow and must make attractive; this in turn will help them make impact. After his speech, he presented certificates to graduating Chemical Production students and the only graduating student in the Photography and Video editing class.

niyi akomolede collageniyicertificate collage

The second speech was given by Mr. Damilola Adeoti. He told of his story – how he did not start as a CEO, but is now a CEO. He talked to the graduants about believing in themselves, being hard workers, being honest with their clients and succeeding in the end! He also encouraged them to develop saving habits, as this will help them with start-up and continuity capital. Above all, they must stay informed and hold on to God. He, thereafter, presented certificates to the Adult Literacy and Skill Printing & Batik students.

damilola collagedamilolacertificate collage

Mrs. Adeola Akomolede gave the third speech. She asked the graduating students what they planned to do with the knowledge they have just gained. She used herself as an example; she was a branch manager of a bank who also baked. A lot of caterers, hairdressers, event decorators are out there but she charged and encouraged them that what would make them relevant is if they were confident, focused, maintained a mentor-protégé relationship (to not be too proud to ask questions), be all about their clients (“customer-centric”), and have faith in God! She said all these would make them stand out in their trades! After her speech, she presented certificates to the Hairdressing and Decoration graduating students.

adeola akomolede collageadeolacertificate collage

Comrade Prince Iche’s speech followed. He pointed out that the previous speakers had said most of it all, but encouraged the students to start something now and continue until they became perfect. He told them this was the only way they would reach the destination God was taking them to. He then presented certificates to the Beads and Jewellery-making graduating students.

comrade collagecomradecertificate collage

Mr. Yinka Fisher’s speech came next. He stated that a lot of people cry of want and lack because they have not discovered their gifts; he said there was no one without a gift! He invited Mrs. Goodness to the stage; she was a trainee under SMEDAN who now makes sweaters, socks and mufflers. He hoped that CVED would one day soon work with her to include her skill into their training program. He encouraged the graduants to practicalize their trainings to achieve their dreams; told them they would sure make mistakes but they must keep on; they must think big and start small.

yinka fisher collage

Mrs. Funmi Nworie, mother of 6 and entrepreneur was invited to the stage next for her speech. She makes and packages juices and beverages. She stated she was glad to see a lot of women graduating, and encouraged her that women can build their families alongside their businesses. She said they should take their skills to business levels; and for evolution they must get information!

funminworie collage

Mr. Fisher was invited back on stage to present certificates to the Make-over and Gele Tying students; and Pastor Jide Esan presented the final sets of certificates to the graduating Catering students.

fishercertificate collage

pjcertificate collage

Mr. Damilola Adeoti assisted in presenting cash gifts to the best student of each class. Pastor Jide Esan made the announcements for the next session. New and old students are welcome for the next session that would commence February 6, 2016. Forms would be available from January 12, 2016; registering students are to pay the sum of #1,200 upon registration – #200 for the CVED form and #1,000 graduating fee.

beststudents collage

Mr. Yinka Fisher did the closing prayer, followed by the national anthem. The event closed on a high praise note, as choir members of the Dominion Faith International Church took the stage!


prof collageproducts collagecake collagegele studentsbcollagecrosssection1 collagecrosssection2 collagestudents appreciating collagecakecutting collagepraise collage



The 15th CVED graduation ceremony, to the glory of God, took place on the fifth day of Decmeber, 2014, in the Dominion Faith International Church, Lagos, Nigeria, where the hall could hardly contain the three hundred and fifty-eight (358) graduants and their guests.

Invited guests of honour and speakers included Pastor Uduokhai (of the Dominion Faith Int’l Church), Engineer Olaoke (representing Rev. Oyediji), Comrade Prince Saviour Iche (President of the Association of Micro Entrepreneurs of Nigeria – AMEN), Miss Ibiyemi Esan (Member, Board of Trustees of CVED) and Mr. Yinka Fisher (of Small and Medium Enterprise of Nigeria – SMEDAN).


Pastor Uduokhai gave his speech on including God in everything you do, including your businesses. After his speech, he presented certificates to the fifty-five (55) graduants in the Events Decoration department.

pastu collage

Engineer Olaoke, shortly afterwards, spoke on how skills pays the bills; he presented certificates to thirty-five (35) graduants in the Home-use Chemical Production class.


Comrade Prince Saviour Iche also gave his speech on business strategy, sincerity in business dealings, starting with your small ideas now, practising all the students had learnt and involving God in all they do. Afterwards, he presented certificates to the eighteen (18) graduants of the Hair-dressing class, twenty-three (23) graduants of the Batik and Screen-Printing department and twenty-four (24) graduants from the Computer Appreciation & Desktop Publishing class.


Miss Ibiyemi Esan gave her speech and started by saying that “the first key to succeeding in life is believing in yourself”. She encouraged the students to believe in their dreams, be ready to succeed, be a person of integrity and above all, realise that they need God and then others to succeed in life. She then presented certificates to the nine (9) graduants of the Adult Literacy (Basic and Advanced) classes and fifty (50) graduants of the Bead-making and Accessories class.


Pastor Jide Esan (Co-ordinator, CVED) then introduced Mr. Yinka Fisher, who also gave a short speech on how self-employment is the best way to go now in our nation, and that SMEDAN is ready to assist graduants who can come up with satisfactory business plans. Mr. Fisher then presented certificates to the forty-seven (47) graduants of the Make-Over and Head-Gear Tying class.


In conclusion to the speech and certificate-presenting session, Pastor Jide presented certificates to the ninety-seven graduants of the Catering class.


Miss Ibiyemi Esan and Pastor Jide Esan also presented cash gifts to the emerging best student in each department.

Representatives from each department came forward to give their vote of thanks to their instructors and organisers of the skill-training programme; after which Pastor Jide took announcements on when the next CVED registration and classes would begin. The national anthem was sung, closing prayer was done, and the event came to an end.

gradcollage crowd collage crowdcollage productscollage tablecollage


The program started officially at 12 noon with opening prayer taken by Mrs. Sibigam and the praise/worship session taken by Mrs. Favour Sunday. The National Anthem was taken by the choir and the master of ceremony, Pastor Muyiwa Adedina took over the event.

Praise Session. The graduands' hearts seem to be filled with joy!

Praise Session. The graduands’ hearts seem to be filled with joy!

The welcome address was taken by Pastor Jide Esan (Coordinator of CVED). He started by stating that many of the certifications we have from schools is now being augmented by vocational skills. He expressed gladness that we’re beginning to take what belongs to us back again. He listed the programs being undertaken by CVED and also expressed pride that thousands are already reaping the benefits of CVED. He also stated that the programme cuts across ethnicity and religion but all that is required is a “WILLING HEART”. He rounded up by saying that the next session resumes in September 2014, and that the organisation’s driving force is to see the people connecting to their destiny in order to impact their world positively.

Pastor Jide Esan during his welcome speech

Pastor Jide Esan during his welcome speech

The MC announced with pride that three hundred and twelve (312) graduands will be graduating in this 14th session and then proceeded to announce the various instructors.

The Executive Director, Rev Mrs. Dele Olatona gave her speech at the event. She started by talking about the history of CVED which started from FEEDS and how the church had decided to move people from just free lunch to being able to make their own living. She heartily congratulated the graduands for their efforts and also appreciated the instructors for helping the students see their programme to a successful conclusion. She then challenged the graduands to go out there and prove themselves and to impact their worlds. She told them to be full of integrity and have the fear of God. She urged them never to sell their integrity no matter the cost because the world is waiting for them no matter how small their impact, it’s still very important.

Products made by graduands displayed

Products made by graduands displayed

After her speech, the certificate presentation began with Pastor Mercy calling twenty three (23) graduands of the COMPUTER class and Comrade Prince Saviour Iche presented the certificates. Thereafter, the graduands from the HAIR DRESSING class were called to receive their certificates. They were twenty (21) in number.

Comarade Prince Saviour during his speech to the graduands

Comarade Prince Saviour during his speech to the graduands

After this, Comrade Prince Saviour Iche was called to give his speech. He assured the graduands that he’s available to help those in the manufacturing sector. He told the graduands that the training they have gone through is what is needed in the country especially with the high rate of unemployment now. He encouraged the graduands not to be discouraged with whatever business they may have done before but to apply themselves to all they have learnt so that they will succeed. He charged them not to look at the problems they will face but to believe in themselves and what they have learnt. He challenged them to start NOW and not tomorrow.

After the speech, Deaconess Ikusika was called to present certificates to thirty-five (35) graduands of DECORATION class and twenty (20) graduands of  PRINTING/ADIRE class. Mrs. Ikusika was asked to address the graduands and she advised them to rely not only what they’ve been taught but to seek to improve knowledge. She also asked them to go online if need be to improve on what they’ve learnt.

Deaconess Ikusika during her speech

Deaconess Ikusika during her speech

Deaconess Ikusika presenting certificates to some of the graduands

Deaconess Ikusika presenting certificates to some of the graduands

Thereafter Mrs. Ayanwale was called forth to present certificates to forty-five (45) graduands of the MAKE UP/HEAD GEAR class.

Mrs. Ayanwale presenting certificates to some of the graduands

Mrs. Ayanwale presenting certificates to some of the graduands

Rev Dr. Gabriel Oyedeji was called to present certificates to thirty-five (35) graduands of CHEMICAL class.  He also presented certificates to forty-five graduands in BEAD MAKING/WIRE WORKS class. Rev Oyedeji, in his speech to the graduands, congratulated the church for a laudable project. He said the problem we have in the country now is not Ebola or HIV or Boko Haram but it’s the problem of the environment. He stated that people are now being self-centred and are not taking responsibilities. The country is not taking responsibility of its citizen either. He said it is obvious the system of this world can no longer sustain the people, hence the need for people and organization to take the role of social environmentalists. He encouraged the graduands to keep improving themselves and to do all they can to improve their immediate environment. He enjoined them to start small and keep growing themselves and their businesses. The goal is to improve their environment and become extraordinary graduates.

Gabrield Oyedeji presenting certificates

Dr. Gabriel Oyedeji presenting certificates

Rev. Oyedeji during his speech

Rev. Oyedeji during his speech


The MC informed the graduands of two (2) job openings before acknowledging Mrs. Adeyemo the former decoration instructor who also came to felicitate with the graduands.

Mr. Yinka Fisher presented the next set of awards to seventy-one (71) graduands in the CATERING class. In his advice to the graduands, he started by saying the era of white collar jobs is gone. He told the graduands they’re privileged to have this training and admonished them not to make light of what they have learnt. He told them they have been receiving information for the past twelve (12) weeks and it’s the job of the SMEDAN to teach them how this information will turn into earning potential for the graduates. He encouraged the graduands to form a cooperative group among themselves and that SMEDAN will be there to help them out. He congratulated the new graduands and the church for the great job done.

Mr. Yinka Fisher presenting certificates to some of the graduands

Mr. Yinka Fisher presenting certificates to some of the graduands

The Executive Director, Rev Mrs. Dele Olatona presented certificates to graduands of the ADULT LITERACY class.

Rev. Mrs. Bamidele Olatona presenting certificates

Rev. Mrs. Bamidele Olatona presenting certificates


After the last presentation of certificates, Pastor Jide announced that the 15th session begins on Friday, 12th September 2014. Forms will be available for collection at the church office from 26th August to 10th September, 2014. He enjoined the graduands and everyone present to always see to it that they wash their hands and keep their hygiene level so as to combat the scourge of Ebola in the country.


A representative from each class was called to express their appreciation on how the training has been beneficial to them.

Class representatives expressing their appreciation

Class representatives expressing their appreciation


In keeping with tradition, awards were given to the best graduating students of each class. Each student was presented with the sum of #5000 as start-up capital.


The Executive Director came to address the graduands again by stating that it’s always good to be best because one never knows who might be there to reward. She then called Rev. Oyedeji who spoke of his appreciation for the continuity and consistency of the project and also to present the best graduating student in Chemical class with a sum of #10, 000.


The Executive Director in her vote of thanks enjoined all graduands to inform all those around them especially in their neighbourhood to also be a part of the CVED project so they can also learn some skills. She blessed the graduands and joined the dignitaries in inspecting the products and cutting the cake with the best graduating students in each class.

Executive Director Bamidele Olatona giving the final speech

Executive Director Bamidele Olatona giving the final speech

Cutting of the cake

Cutting of the cake

The invited dignitaries inspecting the displayed products...

The invited dignitaries inspecting the displayed products…


The National Anthem was taken as the event was brought to a successful close at 3:15 pm.