DAY ONE(1) – Wednesday 18th April, 2012

We arrived at the departure hall of Murtala Mohammed International Airport by 6:30 am. Our flight took off by 9:10 am and landed safely in Lungi, Tagrin, Sierra Leone by 11:50 am where we were warmly received by Pastor Simon Baker, a representative of the Great Commission Movement (GCM) in Sierra Leone .From there, we boarded a ferry on a two hours trip to Freetown,capital of Sierra Leone.We arrived at the ferry terminal by 4:20 pm. Then,we boarded a taxi to the East of Freetown. The journey between Lagos and Freetown lasted for 12 hours.


The following includes updates on the preparation made so far by GCM.They included:

  • 200 invitations  and fliers has been distributed while radio jingles have been done.
  • 80 participants have registered for the skill acquisition programme while 40 are registered for the Pastoral Nurture Training as at Wednesday.But registration still continues.
  • The GCM’s plans to divide the participants according to their localities in order to start a cell fellowship.
  • The Redeemed Christian Church of God Freetown promised to make provision for a P.A. SYSTEM free of charge.
  • 100 chairs and a Generating Set will provided for by the GCM.
  • The Campus choir group will be responsible for ministration in songs.
  • Rev. Olatona made a proposal that snacks should be provided for the participants in the Pastoral Nurture Training.
  • Certificates for the Pastoral Nurture Training would be issued on Saturday,while the free skill acquisition programme will be done on Sunday.
  • Counselling Sessions with Rev. Dave Olatona is scheduled to hold on Monday and Tuesday.


Our team left for the venue of the Programme about 1:40pm.The total number of participants seated was over a hundred.We were officially introduced and the purpose  for the mission trip was expantiated.Two(2) sessions were to be handled;One taught by Brother Ishola on Nylon screen printing,while the second sessions was taught by Sister Adachukwu Uzondu on perfume production;The training was rounded up by 5:pm.


We were opportuned to meet a foreign missionary,Pastor Rick Lamorthe of the Samaritan Purse International relief. He viewed that they share the same visions.


  • By 2:00 pm, the skill acquisition program continued with only one session with Pastor  Ada on the production of body cream,hair cream,bleach and toilet wash(Harpic). Ninety six participants registered that day.
  • 6:00 pm -8:00 pm, there was ministration in God’s word to the participants of the skill acquisition by Rev. Olatona with 60 people in attendance.while 20  people gave their life to Christ.


  •  In the morning, there was a Pastors/Workers Conference with 46 participants in attendance.
  •  By 2:00 pm, the skill acquisition continued but only one session was conducted which was handled by Sister Adachukwu on making of liquid soap. They had 107 participants in attendance.
  • Destiny Connection Summit was conducted. Total attendance of participants were 57 with 19 people gave their life to Christ.
  • Certificates were issued to the participants of the Pastoral Nurture Training.

DAY FIVE (5) – SUNDAY 22nd APRIL, 2012

  • We attended the Flaming Evangelic Ministries pastored by Bishop Fredrick Koroma for a Sunday service.
  • We visited an hospital to pray with a relative of a staff of the Great Commission Movement that was hospitalized.
  • By 2:00 pm, the skill acquisition was rounded up with only one session by Brother Ishola on printing. They had about 108 participants. All products made at the free skill acquisition were shared among the participants. Their certificates were also issued to them.
  • The last session of the Destiny Connection Summit was held with many people receiving the infilling of the Holy Ghost.120 participants were in attendance.
  • Total Offering collected: Le 150,690.


  • A meeting was held between the 3 missionary representative of Dominion Faith World Outreach and the 4 staff of Great Commission Movement for about 2 hours. They includes: Rev. Olatona, Sis Ada, Bro Ishola, Rev. Collins, Rev. Balogun, Rev. Mrs. Doris Kanu and Mr Simon Baker.

Below were the discussions made at the meeting:

  • Rev. Olatona declared that church planting was not the immediate concern but on impacting the people and if the need arises, there will be arrangements made  for a national of Sierra Leone who will come to Nigeria for more training and return back to Sierra Leone to plant a church. He will be supported for a year after which he is expected to stand on his own.
  • Rev. Balogun applauded Dominion Faith World Outreach. He also asserted that they would love to have Rev. Olatona visit the new church that was newly planted in the remote part of Freetown. He suggested that Dominion Faith World Outreach should also visit the Great Commission Movement headquarters and formalize a partnership deal.
  • Mr Baker also asserted that the Great Commission Movement will embark on consistent follow up of all the participants of the Skill Acquisition and Destiny Connection Summit encouraging them to become cell leaders.
  • Mrs Doris Kanu asked if the Dominion Faith World Outreach would be willing to partner with any church that wants to plant a church using her skill acquisition program/training.In response to her question, Rev Olatona responded that he is a kingdom person and he is willing to partner or support any church to increase the kingdom of God.
  • Another meeting was held between Rev. Olatona and Bishop Cole


  • Rev. Olatona made a visit to the Flaming Evangelical Ministries pastored by Bishop F.A. Koroma to keep an appointment with him.


It was our departure day from Sierra Leone. We boarded a ferry that will take us to the Sierra Leonean International airport. We arrived at about 4:50 pm. However, there was a delay in our flight for 1 and half hours. We got to Lagos around 11:23 pm and was welcomed back by Pastor (Mrs) Olatona.

Lungi, Tagrin, Sierra Leone 2012

Lungi, Tagrin, Sierra Leone 2012

We sincerely appreciate all who have in one way or the other made this mission trip possible either through financial, material and human support and also supported us in their prayers. God shall cause you to be known, distinguished, lifted and honoured amongst men. AMEN.

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