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To the glory of God the CENTRE FOR VOCATIONAL EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT [CVED] held her 21st graduation ceremony on Saturday 10th December 2016 and awarded certificates to one hundred and twenty-nine [129] students in nine [9] vocational skill empowerment courses.

1 Catering 48
2 Hairdressing 10
3 Adult Literacy
4 Screen Printing & Batik 6
5 Make-over & Head Gear 11
6 Photography & Videography 2
7 Beaded Jewellery wire works 6
8 Home-use chemical production 16
9 Decoration & Event management 17
10 Computer Appreciation and Desktop Publishing 13

The program which was anchored by Pastor Muyiwa Adedina started promptly as scheduled by 12:00 noon with Opening Prayer led by Mrs. Hannah Adedina; followed immediately by Praise Worship led by Sis. Favour Sunday who was also graduating from the Computer Class. Thereafter, the National Anthem was taken.

Recognition of Dignitaries and Instructors

Pastor Muyiwa Adedina then took time to introduce all the instructors one by one; and welcomed the dignitaries to the High Table as he introduced them. The dignitaries this year were:

  1. Comrade Prince Savior Ichie (AMEN President).
  2. Rotimi Gansallo (Chartered Accountant & Farmer)
  3. Yomi Balogun (Property Developer/Builder).
  4. Deacon Uwagboe (Representing Doctor Gabriel Oyediji)
  5. Pastor Olajide Esan (CVED Coordinator & Resident Pastor of Dominion Faith).
  6. Pastor Nicholas Uanikhoba (CVED Registrar)


 Welcome Speech by CVED Coordinator

Pastor Olajide Esan took time to welcome the dignitaries and graduands. He praised the faith and courage of the CEO of CVED Rev. David Olatona for the sustenance of the vision that started since 2007. He also gave a brief history of CVED and its impact so far; emphasizing that CVED is fully registered with the CAC of Nigeria as a certificate issuing institution.

CEO’s Address

The address of the CEO Rev. David Olatona was read by the Registrar. There is no doubt that vocational skill empowerment is one of the solutions to the serious unemployment and poverty we have in our nation and continent today. Our dream at CVED is to eradicate poverty, raise ethical leaders in the 21st century and make potential entrepreneurs of outstanding qualities for Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. That dream is gradually being realized; as so far, about four thousand six hundred and seventy-seven (4,677) people have been empowered in Nigeria and internationally. Other Countries that have benefited so far include Liberia, Chad, Benin Republic, Niger, Togo, Sierra-Leone, Gambia, Guinea Conakry, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Ghana.

Giving all glory to God, he thanked the instructors and dignitaries for their continuous support and encouragement.  

Address by Elder Rotimi Gansallo

He charged the graduands to believe that they can make it. Don’t despise the skill you have just acquired. You can become big if you start doing something with it now and do it faithfully. Begin to develop and use what you have learnt. Print business cards, let people know what you can do. We live in the days when entrepreneurs are ruling. Stay close to your colleagues and instructors. Don’t work alone.

Elder Gansallo proceeded to present the first batch of certificate to the Decoration and Chemical classes.

Address by Prince Ichie

He first prayed that God would bountifully reward Rev. David Olatona and Dominion Faith for the great service they are rendering to the community and nation. He added that if a man is only rich towards himself he is still a poor man. He then told the graduating students that the best time to start using what they have learnt is now. He said he started his own business with N14, 000 and inside a kitchen; today it is a multi-million naira company, paying over thirty workers. Don’t look at circumstances. Always ask questions. Don’t separate from your instructors. Try to innovate and do what others are not doing; you will stand out. Above all seek the face of God for guidance and direction. Make God a partner in your business and the sky will be your limit. He will bring the customers and the profit because He knows that you will bring the tithe to His house. He will ensure that you do not run at a loss.

Comrade Ichie gave the next batch of certificates to the Hairdressing and Makeup class.

Address by Mr. Yomi Balogun

He charged the graduating students to believe in themselves. Mr. Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa today, has just one head like you. He started small. You too can make it big if you start now and believe in yourself. Your certificate will remain an ordinary paper unless you do something with it. If necessary get a mirror and talk to yourself every day that you will make it. I do it and I am seeing results and making progress. If you own your own business it becomes your well of wealth. Think about your future and see an elevated position.

Mr. Balogun presented the third batch of certificates to the Computer and Printing Classes.

Address by Deacon Uwagboe

He explained that he was representing Dr. Oyediji, who is also his father in the Lord, because he was unavoidably absent. He appreciated and congratulated Rev. David Olatona and Dominion Faith for the great work and impact of CVED. He then praised the students for the courage to decide to be part of the program which is paying off as they are graduating today. He encouraged them to start something immediately. When you are self employed you do not wait for anybody to survive. Your life and future is in your hand.

Deacon Uwagboe presented the fourth batch of certificates to the Beaded Jewelry and Photography classes.


The Coordinator announced that the next session of CVED will resume on Friday 3rd of February 2017. Registration form will be out on Friday 20th January 2017.

He presented the last batch of certificates to the Catering class.

Dr. Gabriel Oyediji’s Gift Award for best student in insecticide production

This is a cash award presented every session to a student from the Home-use Chemical Production Class. This year the award went to Mrs. ODELEYE Beatrice Bosede. The award was presented by the representative of Dr. Oyediji, Deacon Uwagboe.

Closing stages

After the dignitaries cut the graduation cake presented by the catering class, the CVED Coordinator gave the Vote of Thanks and prayed for the graduating students and everyone in attendance. The event closed with the singing of the National Anthem.