Cote d’Ivoire



“I have been sick for a while. I had gone to several hospitals and the last test they conducted, they said I wasn’t eating enough so they prescribed some drugs for me, but I made up my mind that I will not take the drugs until after the 3 days Success in Life summit. And I stand to testify that God healed me miraculously during this summit, there is no need for her to take the drugs again. Praise the Lord!”


“My prayer has always been that God should make me an independent woman and God used Rev. David Olatona to answer that prayers. Now with this newly acquired chemical production skills, I can now start my business.”


“I blessed God for her life. In the past, God really blessed me with lots of money but the devil took it away from me. I had run everywhere for help all to no avail. I then asked God to show me a means of being self-independent. After attending the 3 days vocational training, God has put it in my heart to start this business. Some of the signs I got were that someone I didn’t know paid for my transport fare home the previous night. Coming to church the next day, another stranger took me in his car and gave me a lift to church with 5000 FCFA to support myself back home. I also met a man working in the airport that gave me his contact and is willing to help me. With these encounters, I know that God is ready to bless me. I blessed God for causing lines to fall for me in pleasant places and thank God for using Rev. David Olatona to come to Cote d’Ivoire during this time.”


“I am a pastor’s wife who was invited by someone to the program. Since day one that I started attending the program, I have been seeing God’s hands and I bless God for the summit. I had my last 2000 cephas which she sowed as an offering yesterday, returning back home, God did a miracle for me. I have been richly blessed through this program. I was also sick before the program but now I am healed; I encourage everyone to trust in God despite their circumstances.”


“I have been taking time to pray and fast for God to give me a job; during one of the days of the summit, someone called me that he had gotten a job for me so I will go for the job after the 3 days summit. I bless God for the breakthrough.”


“I have been job-hunting and when I heard about the program on Benie TV I decided to attend. During the day 2 of the summit, I got a call for an interview by 2 pm and I went for it. On my way back home, I got a call that my son was sick, but I want to bless God that during the second day of the success in life summit, God healed my son and she bless God ahead for the job breakthrough.”


“I have been an evangelist for 12 years now. I make soaps and creams to raise funds so I can go to the city to evangelize. During this program I clocked 42 years old. I thank God for putting me in contact with Prophet Justus. I have really been impacted richly during the 3 days of the program.”


“I thank God for bringing Rev. David Olatona my way. Through him, I have opened a little enterprise. So I bless God for opening that door of opportunity and he I believe that this is just my beginning of greatness.”

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