Sierra Leone


Mr. Daniel –

I’m proud to be a part of this Empowerment program. Now that I have learnt it, I can teach my fellow blind people. I’m very grateful.

Mrs. Thomas –

Mrs. Thomas testifying

Mrs. Thomas testifying

“God showed me what to do at the beginning of this year but I do not know how to go about it. Now I have learnt it free. Glory be to God.”
Mrs. Biatt –

Mrs. Biatt testifying

Mrs. Biatt testifying

I have been thinking of how to buy disinfectant (Dettol) to sell in my pharmacy. Thank God I have learnt its production. I can now produce it and sell in my pharmacy.

Mrs. Georgina –

Mrs. Georgina testifying

Mrs. Georgina testifying

“Prior to this time I only depend on people for my daily living. Having gone through the Empowerment program, I have something to do. I will no longer depend on people.”

Mrs. Mamunatuke – 

Mrs. Mamunatuke testifying

Mrs. Mamunatuke testifying

“The Empowerment Program have really blessed my life. I will no longer be jobless. Praise God, I have something to do now.”

Mrs. Semina –

Mrs. Semina testifying

Mrs. Semina testifying

“Early this year I was wondering what type of business to start. The Vocational Empowerment program impacted my life so much. I can boldly say that I know what business to do now.”

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