The Success in Life Summit was held this year at the EGLISE DU MINISTERE DE LA FOI, Casablanca, Lome-Togo; and we give all glory to God for all these testimonies at the end of the summit:


“When I woke up on Friday, I had a headache but I still went to the market. The headache didn’t reduce but I made up my mind I was going to attend the evening service. When God’s servant was ministering, the pain became stronger that I could not take it anymore. When the man of God asked for a special seed, I came out to sow something and by the end of the service, the headache was gone. The next day I woke up healthy, I bless God for my healing.” – SISTER SOPHIE


“3 years ago I went through required training for promotion in my office, and I was supposed to be promoted in June but I wasn’t promoted, and I wasn’t told. During this three-day summit, I made the issue of my promotion in office my most important prayer point. And before the summit was over, I got a call to come next week for my promotion letter. I bless God for bringing the man of God to my church this week.” – SISTER ROSE


“My daughter graduated from the University some years back and she has been home ever since without a job. In the course of this summit, she was told to come for a job interview and on her way back from the interview; she had a motor bike accident. A truck was behind her when she fell off the bike, but luckily the truck passed her side without hitting her. Prior to the accident, she had a dream that she died but did not tell me until after the accident. I just want to thank God for cancelling every power of death in my family.” – SISTER AGNES


“I am a busy person; I work at the airport, so some Sundays I go to the office. I wrote a letter of permission to attend this Success summit. Usually, when someone wants to take permission at my place of work, the highest number of days granted off is 3 days; but when I asked for permission to be away for a week, my boss granted it to me without questions. I bless God for that. Secondly, I’m grateful for all the skills I learnt during the week; in other places it costs between 25,000 to 30,000 CFA to for the training. I bless God for the opportunity to learn something new and for all God has done for me during this summit.” – BRO. CHRISTOPHE


“I was cooking at home and suddenly, I heard a crack on the wall of the kitchen, everything fell on the pot and cooker, and the gas exploded but I thank God I wasn’t consumed by the fire. I’ve also been attending the new converts’ class here (EGLISE DU MINISTERE DE LA FOI) and there were some topics taught, but when God’s servant came this week, I got a deeper understanding of those topics. I bless God for the insight.” – MRS. AGNES


“I went outside the country to buy some goods to sell here in Casablanca. The goods were worth 300, 000 CFA. In the course of the journey, the driver made a mistake and gave my goods to another passenger. The car had gone about 30 miles before I realized that my goods weren’t in the car anymore. So I came down from the car and took a bike to the spot where the passenger alighted and to the glory of God, my goods were on the road intact.” – SISTER HAPPY


“I left the house to quickly get something, leaving my five (5) children in the kitchen. On my way back, I saw heavy smoke coming out of my house. On getting inside, I saw my children trying to quench the fire. Quickly I got the children out of the house and started screaming for help. I thank God for sending help my way. After quenching the fire, the spirit of God told me that I have been totally delivered from the greater battles ahead of me so I have decided to give myself fully to God.” – MRS. EDWIGE


“This week, after one of the success encounter nights, I was going back home; there were two (2) Muslim women behind me. I heard someone call my name but I didn’t see the person. Because I paused to find who was calling me, the Muslim women overtook me and before I realized what was happening, a car knocked them off into the gutter. To me, it meant that if the voice didn’t call me, I would have been the one knocked down by the car so I thank God for delivering me from untimely death. I also bless God for all the teachings from the servant of God during this summit.” – SISTER MARIE

Luc9“The success summit started on Wednesday night and during the word ministration, the man of God told us that the following day someone will be called for good news. The next day which was a Thursday, I went to my office where I sell goods. Some buyers came and bought many things. At the end of the transaction, they paid for more than they bought. They didn’t collect their goods that day but they told me they will come on Saturday to collect it. When they came on Saturday, I wasn’t in the office but they met my secretary who gave them their wares. They collected their wares and left another envelope for me. I realized that it was the good news the man of God prophesied that worked for me.” – BRO. LUC


“My children live with their grandmother in the village. This week, my mother called me that 2 of them were ill. I didn’t have money to travel and I realised that even if I found a way to go there, I would still need money for hospital bills. At this point, I turned to God for divine intervention and healing, by the time I visited my children yesterday, they were completely healed so I bless God for His greatness.” – SISTER STEPHANIE


“My sister was very sick and the whole family had already started preparing for her funeral. Some even started planning how to buy the coffin. I made a promise to God when coming for this summit that if he can heal her, I will testify to His goodness. When I visited her, to the glory of God she is recovering. She can stand and walk around, something she had never done before. I bless God for this recover, and pray that God perfects her healing.” – MRS. FRANCISCA


“I was once a Muslim but when I got converted the whole family didn’t agree with me. My elder sister in America called me the week of this summit, that her son was sick and asked me to pray for him. I asked my sister if she believes that the God I worship can heal her son, and she said she believed. I prayed for her son and by the grace of God the boy received his healing. So I stand to thank God for revealing Himself to my sister and also pray that the rest of my family members will be saved too someday soon.” – MRS. AICHA 


“I recently had an accident, I fell from the bike and knocked my head on a stone but I thank God I’m alive today. I am a building contractor and this week I got a new contract, on my way to the venue, I had another accident but I truly want to bless God that the plans of the devil for my life were aborted.” – BRO. CHRISTOPHE


“I am pastoring a church in one of the villages here, I have not fallen sick in a long time; but in September, after ten years I fell sick and the illness got really bad. I called Mama Stephane and she asked me to attend this 3-day summit. When I came, on Wednesday, my BP got really high. But I want to thank God that without anyone specially praying for me, during the course of the summit, I was healed totally.” – PASTOR BENOIT





Mrs. Nove testifying

Mrs. Nove testifying

Mrs. Nove testified to the goodness of God for healing her of back pain which had brought her so much pain for 2 months now. This back pain took the life of her parents. After the ministration of Rev David Olatona during the Encounter Night on Friday evening, he was led to ask everyone to put their hands on parts of their body that needed healing, she put her hands on the back and she was relieved. The pain was gone. By the time she woke up the next morning, she checked herself again and the pain was completely gone. PRAISE THE LORD!

An elated Mrs. Agnes testifying

An elated Mrs. Agnes testifying

Mrs. Agnes testified that for years now, her family had been battling with evil attacks. But during the prophesy sessions of Rev David Olatona on Saturday night, she saw God burning down their altars. She is grateful to God for his deliverance.

An optimistic Mr. Donja testifying

An optimistic Mr. Donja testifying

Mr. Donja testified to the glory of God on how the School of Leadership sessions had been a blessing to him. Rev Olatona in one of his teachings said, “Do not remember the past but instead look forward to the bright future you have ahead of you”, and he held on to that word. Long time ago, he travelled to a place in search of a job.  His search was fruitless. He has been living in abject poverty. But through the leadership teachings, he believes his past is past and that whatever he had lost God will restore it back to him. His mindset has fully changed now and he is optimistic about life. HALLELUYAH!



“I had a vision  from God that a servant of God was coming to Togo to free them from poverty and sin; and indeed he came! My heart is full of joy”

“The vocational skill acquisition has enabled my husband to be self-employed! Before the training, he had lost his job and there was no means of livelihood for us. However as a result of this training, we are able to fend for our family.”


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